Traveling means to enrich our lives by discovering the world
In Quest for the seed idea

Preface by the Author

In my 40 years in the tourism industry I had the opportunity to entertain myself among most of the archaeological sites and museums within the Campania region (South Italy) and I had the pleasure to discuss of art, myths, religions and other sciences with hundreds of educated people coming from different countries of mother earth.
The questions I have been asked throughout my activity triggered my curiosity in careful research and exciting cultural discoveries.
In this notebook, I discuss several instances of symbols dealing with mysteries and philosophical questions that have been fascinating humankind since the very beginning.
Usually the first reading is to understand Myths, the second to grasp the concepts, (the seed idea) the third to memorize them.

Between imagination and  evidence

Preface by the Author

A true faith, to be so called, has to go beyond ethnicity, castes, institutions, borders, business, addictions, coercions, political persecutions. A true faith is heartfelt and free or is something different. 87% of the world’s population, approximately 6.7 billion people, follow some creed. They are called religions, transcendental philosophies, codes of coexistence, doctrines of control. The remaining part of people is made of individuals believing in local myths, derivatives of pseudo-religions and of others who, for different reasons, do not consider transcendence in any way. There is no doubt on the need to believe, the history of supernatural builds identity, gives meaning to life and is a hope for continuity. In this text are collected various version, imaginative, of the free thinker that I am, enriched by books and lectures by reputed physicists and theologians. What might have happened, issues of the present time and vision of the future are the subject and the uncertainty.

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