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Usually the first reading is to understand Myths,
the second to grasp the concepts, (the seed idea)
the third to memorize them.

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In Quest for the seed idea

Preface by the Author

In my 40 years in the tourism industry I had the opportunity to entertain myself among most of the archaeological sites and museums within the Campania region (South Italy) and I had the pleasure to discuss of art, myths, religions and other sciences with hundreds of educated people coming from different countries of mother earth.
The questions I have been asked throughout my activity triggered my curiosity in careful research and exciting cultural discoveries.
In this notebook, I discuss several instances of symbols dealing with mysteries and philosophical questions that have been fascinating humankind since the very beginning.


LuLe recounts IPPA

Preface by the Author

Ours is truly an epoch-making time.
We are building electronic devices that are increasingly similar to the Sapiens.
Eyes = cameras        Ears = microphones
Mouth = speakers        Food = Energy
Voice and gestures = screen   The input senses = Keyboard
Brain and Heart = RAM Changeable temporary random memory for occasional activities,
and ROM a Memory with immovable instructions only to read.
The Self-consciousness is under development, still missing.
How strange, the Sapiens is reproducing himself in a bio-electronic device (as the story of the Anunnaki), the point is that, there are still very few tenacious scientists, able to understand how to progress in their discoveries.
(most sapiens spend nearly all their lifetime feeding and dazing themselves)

But let's see who’s the invisible programmer, and how he provides updates.
I believe that the ROM program is by default in the energies animating us, it is an infinite ocean of energies that science calls "the field of the Zero point", and that I call "IPPA".
The interaction with the aforementioned field seems random, but it is not, it is precisely non– randomness, that unnoticed turn up to the researchers on duty.
The Eureka occurs when many energies are adding up, aggregated by their compatibility of information. Sapiens's are interfaced with "IPPA" by a presence that I call "StraLes", which connects us both for good and for bad.
A Sapiens without the basic memory is like a computer without ROM-RAM instructions.
IPPA is the quantum programmer that, with its vital vibrations, provides for a sense to His existence.
After that gases materialized in minerals and metals which gave rise to nature, someone or something that would interact with all of this was the answer.

The history of our universe began 13.7 billion years ago, and only in the last 250 thousand years has it given us the Sapiens, the disturbing question is; why such a great omniscient spirit took so long to shape us?
Taking into consideration the Sapiens’s lifespan, the billions of years do not seem to make sense.
The explanation to this is quite obvious, IPPA had no energy assets until the first living structures appeared. "the field of zero point" has been exponentially boosted only, since the living form of life energies started. That’s why 99% of the known technologies have been invented only in the last 100 years.
How to rebuild our history? Some scientists are planning to send terrestrial bacteria on exoplanets, to assist the evolution of it which would be an answer, but space-time is the actual incognita.

The future?
is living simultaneously on different worlds, having only the ROM awareness in common.
Our life will be a kind of instantaneous bio-neural entanglement with our clones.
Traveling with traditional vehicles will only be an outdated sensation.
We must be able to interact better with the vibrations of what is called inter-space.
The sound frequencies can build scenarios and describe moods through musical harmonization,
thought frequencies through Sapiens’s artists became visible in various art forms, frequencies emitted by a strong conviction can even re-harmonize possible cell disorder.
"the field of the zero point" is the creative spirit.
Migliora la tua vita viaggiando.
Viaggiare significa:
Spazio, Amore,
Avventura, Musica,
Storie, Sorrisi,
Cultura, Riflettere,
Curarsi, Socializzare,
Apprendere, Natura.
Se questo non è,
c'è bisogno di soluzioni.
Vivi Sorrento:
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